What Clients Say

The best service you can give

Image of Michael Freedman
By: Michael Freedman
BpH Wealth Management

Aligning yourself with your clients’ best interests is paramount in the provision of the best service you can give. When a desire to help people comes first, the money will follow if you always do the right thing, says Michael Freedman.

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The Power of Emotion

Image of Anthony Villis
By: Anthony Villis
Managing Partner
First Wealth

Clients tend to seek advice when big life events come along: selling a business, stopping work, a new business, birth of a child, a new house, ill health, divorce. It’s no surprise that people often have heightened emotions that affect their decisions. Anthony Villis explains.

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(Why) Don’t all Financial Planners do it this Way?

Image of Frank Donlon
By: Frank Donlon
Financial Planning Client

Like many people I came to financial advice in mid-life, arguably far too late. In my case it was triggered by my move from secure employment status in a large multi-national to self-employment. Frank Donlon, Fortitude Financial Planning Client

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